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愛川こずえ新ユニットメンバー募集 ~GLITTER GIRLSオーディション~開催!01:01

愛川こずえ新ユニットメンバー募集 ~GLITTER GIRLSオーディション~開催!



Audition OverviewEdit

Screening method

10/1 (Tuesday) - 10/4 (Friday) Initial screening - document review Based on the information I have entered into the form, do the document review.  In the first round of judging during the first round of judging who pass only, we will contact you from this place.


10/5 (Saturday) - 10/6 (Sunday) - Sencondary Screening Audition

We come to the venue to be specified here, do the review by audition.  (When you contact one of the following screening pass, you will be notified.) Tokyo somewhere Venue: 

There is a practical singing and dancing in the audition.  Please come in clothes that move

10 During the month of (three) Screening Interview It becomes the last review by the interview.  

Debut as a Member!

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